End of an era


Today is truly the end of an era. After 14 years or thereabouts, this morning I prepared my daughter’s packed lunch for the very last time as she readied herself for her last day of school, before embarking on her study leave in preparation for her final exams.

I cannot work out how many times I have stood in the kitchen wondering what on earth I was going to give my daughter for lunch, let alone how many meals it actually equates to after 14 years…a lot!

Only a handful of times have I actually been thwarted and had to resort to a cheese sandwich, but at least that would have always been accompanied by a yoghurt or cereal bar and a piece of fruit.

But for the most part, her lunch would normally consist of cold leftovers from the previous evening meal or home-made foccacia with something. Today is was cold pasta with ragu, not the greatest lunch but as she was only in school for a few hours, it had to suffice.

Tomorrow or rather tonight, for the very first time, I will not be thinking about what to pack her in the morning for lunch.  I should be pleased, but in reality, I’m finding it quite depressing. A certain order in the day has come to an end and will never be repeated. Shopping will not be the same as the usual things I would normally consider suitable for a lunch box will no longer be necessary.

This growing up business is starting to have a real impact and I imagine the day when she has to set off for university will be even worse!


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