School’s Out


Well, it’s finally happened: School’s out. It’s over. My daughter has finished her final exam and now all one can do is wait.  Six weeks of purgatory as we wait to read what grades she has achieved and if they will be suffice to get her to her chosen university.  My heart goes out to all the other parents and children in similar positions.

In the meantime, we have a short summer break away, my daughter and I with my partner.  A part of me however,  is wondering if this will be the last time we will spend out summers together away? I know when I had reached 16 not 18, that I didn’t go away with my parents until my late 40s! But these are different times, who knows?

And then there is the mother of my daughter, who is still here, who has shown no signs of moving out and who, I’m sure, will do something in ‘our’ garden whilst we are away, for what reason, no one knows. We shall see. Anxious times all round then….


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