retakes – another year

So, exam results are in and sadly, my daughter is going to have to sit a retake after failing to achieve the desired grades to enter the university of choice.  We kind of expected bad news after she failed to finish one of the papers…just ran out of time.  Must write faster!

On a positive note: it means I have another year of her being at home, which is a blessing and one thing less to worry about. The down side is her mother won’t be moving out any time soon either.

Another year of this strange environment with two women who loathe each other and my daughter and I caught in the middle. Another year of sitting around the table trying to eat supper together pretending to play happy families.  Another year of not being able to have friends over for dinner…another year.

I know, a year these days appear to fly past with a blink of an eye but right now, it seems like a long time to have to endure these mind games and friction. My partner was hoping to have the house to ourselves – more or less – with the occasional visit home from uni by my daughter, and had been making plans.  Now, this has thrown a spanner in the works but in truth, I cannot say I’m all that disappointed to keep hold of my baby daughter (all 18 years going 19 in a few months time) for a little longer.


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