I’m a dad of a teenage daughter who just happens to live in the same house as the mother of my child. This is not as unusual as it may sound…sadly, but there you are.  This has been the situation since my daughter was two years old and despite my wanting nothing more than for the mother – who I will call ‘Ms Jean Brodie’ for reasons which will become clear, to move out, she wont or at least wont without my daughter. I can’t let her do that, so here I am, stuck with a woman who l believe has abused her position knowing that I will never let her leave with my daughter.

This blog is really for me to let off steam as well as a means of possibly sharing my thoughts and my situation with other people who are in a similar position. I know however, that in a few years, this nightmare will come to an end once my daughter is old enough to go to university, but until then, i just have to grin and bare it.

if you have any thoughts or comments: good or bad, feel free to leave some feedback.

For obvious reasons, i cannot use real names or places.



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