Flying the nest

You know how it is, your child is fast approaching 18 and with it, the realisation that before long, your child will be flying the nest for pastures new, hopefully at university. In all honesty, I’m not dealing with this eventuality¬†all that well. I feel as though my world is about to collapse and my … More Flying the nest

Trouble and strife

    Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more complicated, the proverbial hits the fan and throws everything upside down at home with further trouble and strife. Having a relationship whilst the mother of your child still lives in the same house as you is tough enough. ¬†It tough on your partner, its … More Trouble and strife

Gardening woes

I’m confused. What does it say when the mother of your child, with whom you have not had a relationship with for the past 15 years, but nevertheless still lives in the same building – long story – decides to do the garden? I know what it says to me: she has no intention of … More Gardening woes

University dilemmas

Time flies when you’re having fun….but lets see, Christmas has come and gone, New Year and now we’re fast approaching that time of the year when Universities have to be visited in order to be assessed. The problem here is, do I really want to travel hundreds of miles, dragged around university campuses with my … More University dilemmas

Screen Time

So, for years now we have all been told that children, our children in particular, you know, from middle-class families, who know best, watch far too much television and that its not good for them. They should be outside playing, preferably in the garden – if you have one. Or that they should be in … More Screen Time