white lies

Had another one of those mixed bank holiday weekends, with the weather not being up to much, there wasn’t much to do outside so time was spent indoors doing all the usual things one does around the house. This is of course, didn’t hamper my daughter’s mother from disappearing all weekend to the town centre … More white lies

Family machinations

There is currently a debate surrounding parents remaining together for the sake of their children and if it is a wise decision or not. The general consensus would appear to suggest that if parents are unhappy then they should separate and spare their children any possible long-term psychological damage. In truth, this debate has been raging … More Family machinations

Bit of back-story

I’m certain that I am not the only father living such a bizarre lifestyle. I understand through my own daughter and some of her school-friends that other parents are living double lives, or at least, they live in the same household but apart: separate bedrooms and such. They remain together for the sake of the children, which is … More Bit of back-story

Home truths

Today was a first. the mother of my daughter was complaining that our daughter had played up earlier and that this kind of behavior was not acceptable.  I agreed, but pointed out that this rarely happens with me, which brought out the usual response; “well, thats because she is scared of you and does what you say.” I … More Home truths

A little about me

I should  have written and posted years ago, but never actually got around to it, so here, better late than never is my first blog. I shall refrain from going into too much personal detail for obvious reasons, but i hope that my experiences resonate with other father’s out there who are in a similar … More A little about me